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Emotional Mastery Intensive

About the Facilitator

Cynthia A. Stevens, Ph.D.

Dr. Stevens holds a Doctorate in Psychology from the Ohio State University. With more than 30 years of experience, her area of expertise is in developing and facilitating workshops that create trust, relationship and sustained change. Her expertise is in relationships with self and others.


Additionally, she has provided consultation and training in the United States, Asia, Latin America and Canada to business owners, leaders and managers. She offers a unique bridge between the world of academic knowledge and the real world challenges of the personal and business realms.

Dr. Stevens uses her interactive, emotional, and intuitive skills to give special attention to the soul’s sufferings and creative manifestations. With a background in Existentialism, she supports her clients as they travel into their depths and to make practical applications along the way. Whether it is current crisis, longstanding maladjustment, or out of an intense desire for personal growth, Dr. Stevens maintains a long-standing commitment to assist people in moving out of disruptive emotions, troubling memories, compulsive and self-defeating thoughts and behaviors and into the terrain of deep reflection and the working-through of emotional conflicts. She received her degrees from Ohio State University but received her education from the people she has served over the past 30 years.

Dr. Stevens says:


“When we reach that age or point of awareness when we realize that we are the common denominator to all of our emotional problems – as well as our solutions – it becomes imperative that we do the necessary internal work to access the root cause of what it is exactly that is dominating our emotional lives."

"Perhaps you are engaged in self-harming behaviors such as over- or under-eating, alcoholism or other addictions. Perhaps you are seeing disabling patterns in your intimate relationships. Perhaps you feel your creativity or happiness or productivity waning or being limited by negativity.


"Perhaps it is just time for you to grow emotionally."

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