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"I am three years sober and I'm still trying to figure out what I like to do and how I fit in the world without drinking."

- Eva K., Burbank 

How it works

When you sign up to have Tinkerfly bring activities and events to your facility, all you have to do is tell us roughly how many clients will participate each week, and provide a room with enough tables and chairs for everyone. That's it!


We will arrive on your scheduled day and time and provide all the materials, instruction and ambiance.


Contact us today about adding Tinkerfly events and activities to your facility's schedule and let potential clients know how it can make a difference in their sobriety! 

Keep Clients  Engaged

Inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers often do not have staff with the time or expertise needed to plan and execute activities for clients outside of the rehabilitation program. With many clients staying for 30+ days, entertaining, sober activities are a good way to keep your clients engaged in your program and enthused about sobriety.


Our events not only give your inpatient clients a fun activity to pass time, but also introduce them to a range of potential hobbies they can do once they're on their own outside of rehab. Those who have spent years drinking and using probably don't know much of what they like to do without alcohol and drugs. 


A new hobby or pastime can give your clients another defense against relapse, and make your program more successful. Regular activities could be the difference between whether a client chooses your facility or another.

Experiencing the joy of sobriety

Our Tinkerfly founder, Aimee Baror, got sober on Nov. 20, 2002 through a 30-day inpatient program in Bakersfield, Calif.

"When I entered rehab, I thought I was never going to have fun again," Baror says. "Thankfully, I got involved in a 12-step program before I left the rehab. I had no idea what I liked to do - other than drink - so I did whatever the other people in recovery were doing."


Later, as events coordinator for a San Fernando Valley 12-step group with a 70-year history, Baror saw first-hand how activities and events helped newcomers stay sober. 


"If sobriety was not fun, I would have never stayed sober," she says. "I believe that newly sober people need to experience the freedom and joy of sobriety right away in order to continue their commitment to not 'pick up.' Our activities and events will have your clients laughing through their discovery of simple pleasures."

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