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MARCH 13, 2019  

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Comedy Show with a Twist Gives Multi-Taskers Something Else to Do


Have you ever thought about how much fun it would be to have a stand-up comedian teach you how to paint pottery or weave a dreamcatcher? No? That’s ok, because the supreme multi-taskers at Tinkerfly Marketing & Events did and are bringing it to Los Angeles for the betterment of society.

Well, it should be funny, and participants will take home a craft with a story to tell their grandkids.

How did such a special offering come about?

“I was sitting at a comedy show a couple of years ago and there was a truly horrid comic on stage,” says Tinkerfly owner Aimee Baror. “I thought they really should give people a coloring book and crayons for when the comedian sucks. And that was the first inkling of Comedy of Art.”

The concept is similar to “paint nights” held at bars and restaurants. But instead of an actual artist teaching you how to paint your own version of a masterpiece, you get a stand-up comic leading the way.

“Since you have comedy and an artistic endeavor, you don’t need to get drunk to be entertained or make you feel ok about your not-so-great painting,” Baror says with a laugh. “It’s about the experience, not the end result.”

The first Comedy of Art experience happens from 7:30 to 10 p.m. on Friday, March 22 at Code Blue Café, 7937 Foothill Blvd., Sunland, CA 91040. Locally based comedian Adam Gropman will lead this “class.” Gropman has been featured at major comedy houses in New York, LA and around the United States. Check out his work at or

To ensure entry and for discounted admission, tickets for the March 22 event at Code Blue Café may be purchased online at

Venue owners interested in potentially hosting a Comedy of Art experience may contact Tinkerfly owner Aimee Baror at (626) 491-3317 or


Photo/live media opps: Adam Gropman and Aimee Baror will set up a mini Comedy of Art experience in-studio and teach anchors to fold an origami swan through live improv comedy.


Tinkerfly Marketing & Events is a creative event producer, bringing interactive events to private venues and businesses for team-building or just for fun. Tinkerfly also helps small businesses increase their visibility and grow their customer base by creating custom marketing plans to target the most appropriate audiences. Tinkerfly was founded in Nov. 2017 and owner Aimee Baror has worked in the communications and events industry for 25+ years.

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